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Our Drinks...
Real ales, Fruit wines, chilled Rose & White wines, Freedom Four lager, Cider & several popular spirits including up to 16 whiskeys on offer ranging up to an 18yr old single malt. We have a variety of softdrinks as well so there will be a drink for eveybody.

Fruit Wines A.B.V 14.5%...
Apricot - Sweet abundance of ripened apricots
Blackberry - Soft & sweet with a rich bramble fragrance
Black Beer & Rasin - Dark, mysterious, sweet & malty
Blackcurrant - Brimming over with medium sweet fruitiness
Cherry - Delicious cherry flavour
Damson - Dry, deep & fruity
Ginger - Smooth, spicy with a mellow warming sensation
Elderberry - A full bodied wine
Monks Head - A dark, rich, satisfying honey wine
Peach - A medium sweet peach of a flavour
Sloe Wine - Autumnal sloe creat a rich satisfying medium wine
Strawberry - The fresh fruit taste of sweet summer strawberries


Real Ales...
The Burton Bridge Brewery produces ales using traditional brewing methods from which we have five regular cask ales. Guest Ales at the Bridge Inn change frequently, these include the 'Gold Medal' Ales produced by the Brewery. Our supply of ales have a very short journey from the Brewery to the bar in the Bridge Inn, freshly made & ready for the traditional real ale drinker. Click here to view our takeaway ales prices.

Golden Delicious ABV 3.8%

Golden Delicious A.B.V 3.8%

GD has a pale straw colour with a dry bitter finish. Originally brewed for the Midsummer Leisure pubs for Midsummers Day in 1985. Then produced throughout British Summertime as 'Summer Ale'. Now renamed as 'Golden Delicious'.


Sovereign Gold ABV 4%

Sovereign Gold A.B.V 4.0%

Similar to the Golden Delicious, Sovereign Gold also has a straw colour to it with a dry bitter finish this can be an ideal session drink.
Burton Bridge Bitter ABV 4.2%

Burton Bridge Bitter A.B.V 4.2%

The Bridge Bitter is Amber in colour and was the first ever brew made by the Bridge Brewery in May 1982 - this is the flagship ale of the Brewery. The ale has been a previous winner at the Great British Beer Festival.
Burton Festival Ale ABV 5.5%

Burton Festival Ale A.B.V 5.5%

The Festival Ale has a dark amber colour to it with a strong fruity flavour, it has been carefully brewed to have well balanced malt & hops. This ale was first brewed in September 1982.
Burton Dark Porter ABV 4.5%

Burton Porter A.B.V 4.5%

The Burton Porter can be thought of as being black in colour but it is infact a very dark brown ale. With fruity aromas this ale was originally brewed as 'something different' for a small beer festival. Now a favorite with a number of regulars & winner of numerous Midland's beer competitions.



Burton Draught Ale A.B.V 4.8%

Known as DBA for short, the Burton Bridge Brewery directors were involved with the original beer at Ind Coope and felt it important that the beer returned to it's Burton home. Brewing of DBA started again in March 2015 and its quickly become a favourite amongst real ale drinkers.


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